Guitar lessons

Our guitar teacher is Danilo Ricciardiello. He is an experienced musician specialized in Classical and Jazz Guitar. He is also a session musician who has been working with famous bands around the country and Italy.


One of the most obvious benefits of instrumental music for students is that you can get a better mark in music class, but did you know that music can help you in your other fields as well? Many studies have shown that students who play music have generally higher test and IQ scores than students who aren’t musical. If you’re past your school years, countless other studies have proven that practicing musicians of any age are more alert, which can lead to better memory retention.


Patience and discipline are virtues that so many of us lack in today’s world. Music, however, is known for it is ability to lengthen attention span for its player. The discipline required to master guitar is also helpful in your everyday life when coping with tedium or difficult tasks.


Not all music is classical music two hundred years old… Other genres of music are out there for all types of instruments. Ever heard a guitar playing Metal? Try it out! You might like how it feels under your fingers and how it sounds!


Music isn’t just for the mind and soul, it is good for the body too! By playing guitar you are strengthening your arms, your fingers and hands and even your legs (playing guitar burns approximately 90 kCals an hour).

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